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You had a Bariatric Procedure, now what?

Lose excess weight while enjoying increased levels of energy and wellbeing

If you are considering weight loss surgery or already had it, you know that adopting a healthy lifestyle is key to your success. Our program is designed to meet the unique needs of Bariatric patients, helping to smoothly transition you back to normal eating.

Our Program helps our patients to progress better faster by:
  • Enabling food tolerance
  • Minimizing digestive complications
  • Alleviating diarrhea or constipation
  • Alleviating nausea and vomiting
  • Maximizing weight loss
  • Minimizing or preventing feeling weak and/or dizzy
  • Minimizing and successfully treating bad breath
  • Promoting healthy normal lab levels post surgery

Why Our Program Works:
We have successfully helped over 8000 people, not only lose excess pounds and maintain optimal weight, but also improve their health and wellbeing. Our program incorporates the most up to date and complete diet and nutritional supplement recommendations necessary to meet the unique demands of both the pre and post-operative Bariatric surgical patient.

Our 4 step Bariatric Patient's Program:

1. Bariatric Nutritional Evaluation
Ideally it takes place before the surgery but we also help patients who already had the procedure. The first step is a comprehensive nutrition and life style evaluation. You tell us about your present dietary habits, exercise pattern, physical limitations, social support and influences, as well as readiness level to make effective behavioral changes towards improved health. Everything from food allergies, medications, past weight loss attempts, recommendations for diet improvement before surgery, as well as specifics of how to prepare for surgery, are important factors that need to be addressed.

2. The Diet Plan
The plan starts with a comprehensive nutrition and supplement program, so you know exactly how to proceed from day 1 after the operation. The program is laid out in a very easy to follow 30 page booklet. Nutrition menus and recipes are provided for each stage of your nutrition and digestive improvement. It also includes a menu of supplement choices written in an easy to follow schedule for you. This allows our patients to be very clear about how much, what, and when to eat and drink. We explain why the specific diet transitions are important, allowing our patients to feel confident about their success and stay focused on their progress.

3. Program Implementation
Once you have your surgery, for best results, a follow up visit is recommended 1- 2 weeks post surgery. In this second visit, a review of your present dietary intake, trouble shooting any problems with digestion, food tolerance, bowel regularity, maximizing weight loss, adequate protein intake and protein shake selection, vitamin supplement tolerance, blood glucose monitoring if Diabetic, and progression back to a normal healthy diet is discussed. New menus are provided to assist you with these next nutrition steps.

4. Support Groups
Support Groups are the key to long-term success. Our patients find our Nutrition Support Group Program dynamic and enlightening, not to mention inspiring. They are a safe place to meet others that have your same symptoms, fears, challenges and concerns, and find the answers you are looking for to keep you on track. Typically a topic is discussed that is essential for success of the Bariatric patient and everyone gets a chance to ask questions and share their challenges and successes. Examples of topics are: Menu planning, Healthy recipes, Eating on the run, Why you need supplements, How Probiotics can improve you weight loss and your health, Protein amounts in foods, Finding a good tasting protein shake, Maximizing your energy levels, Improving bowel regularity, Minimizing hair loss, Weight loss and your body image, and much more.

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