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Nutrition Counseling

Learn the right foods and supplements to consume by receiving a nutrition counseling session from expert and experienced Registered Dietitians from Landman & Associates, Inc. A nutrition consulting firm with over 40 years of combined nutrition expertise. Nutritionist Alix B. Landman, RD, MPH, CDE, the owner has shaped Landman & Associates, Inc. to provide evidence based nutrition services to a wide range of consumers. Landman & Associates, Inc.

Dietitians are skilled to address the specific nutrition needs for the following nutrition related disease: Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal disease, Weight Management, Gastric Bypass, Eating Disorders, Sports Nutrition, and Wellness. Our office is located in Plantation, FL and are available in English and Spanish. Rates are reasonable with family and senior citizen rates discounts available. Limited insurance and medicare plans are accepted.

Benefits of a Nutrition Consult

  • Nutrition related symptoms such as morbid obesity, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, gas, bloating, indigestion, low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, constipation, headaches, allergies, immune system compromise and excess fatigue can all be effectively treated using good nutrition. Your nutritionist will discuss with you to reduce your symptoms, strengthen your body and improve your nutrition profile.

  • An individualized nutrition consult can help you to maximize weight loss and gain muscle mass by creating an individualized menu plan based on your age, sex, gender, height, and weight and exercise goals.

  • An individualized nutrition consult can help you deal with your emotional connection to eating and help you stick to healthier eating habits during challenging times.

Your Nutrition Consult Will Include:

First Consult Includes:

  1. An evaluation and computerized analysis of your present diet.
  2. Indentification of barriers preventing nutrition and behavior change.
  3. Establishment of short and long term nutrition goals.
  4. Recommendations for diet changes.
  5. Individually designed menu plan
  6. Recommendation for vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements if needed.
  7. Nutrition handouts relevant to your nutritional needs.

Follow- Up Consult Includes:

  1. Monitoring of nutrition goals
  2. Review of Food & Exercise Journal/ Behavior Change
  3. Discussion of Nutrition Topics:
    • Dining out healthy guide
    • Healthy recipes specific for your needs.

Other Nutrition Services Available:

  • Design of 7 day Menu Plan
  • Ongoing Therapeutic Counseling for Eating Disorders.
  • GeneSNP Nutrition Genetic Testing
  • Cooking Instruction
  • Weekly Fresh Meal Delivery Services- Vegetarian/ Macrobiotic or Heart Healthy / Diabetic Gourmet

Nutrition & Metabolic Tests Available:

  • Food Allergy Blood Testing
  • GI Health Assessment - Digestive Stool Analysis Testing
  • MEDGEM Resting Metabolic Rate Test