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Worksite Wellness- Strategies for Successful Companies

Companies typically spend approximately 95% of their health benefit expenses on only 15% of its employees. Research shows that this unbalanced spending insures a greater increase in health care premiums each year. Companies can significantly hold the line on, or even reduce their annual health care premiums and costs by shifting a greater portion of their health care dollars to preventative wellness care and wellness health promotion for their employees.

Benefits of worksite wellness programs include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced workers compensation
  • Less sick/absenteeism days
  • Better stress management skills
  • Lower medical insurance claims
  • Increased employee moral and loyalty
  • Healthy employees stay healthy longer through adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors

Nutrition related worksite wellness programs should include:

  • Health needs assessments
  • On-site health screenings (cholesterol and diabetes screening, body composition testing, computerized diet analysis and blood pressure testing)
  • Group presentations and classes- themed or on-going
  • Individual consultations
  • Intranet and internet based learning

Getting Your Company Started with Health Needs Assessments and Targeted Group Presentations.

Wellness courses that are designed for one-hour meetings, or partial day workshops can help accomplish the goal of Health Care Cost Containment. Seminars and topics are typically chosen by first conducting a company wide health needs assessment of all employees that meet HIPAA standards and is inexpensive. Once this is accomplished, aggregate results of the assessments are reported to the CEO, CFO, and/or HR manager displaying the company's greatest needs and health liabilities. Common health issues that show up and need to be addressed first in Health and Wellness programming are listed in the following order below.

Wellness Teams

For maximum employee participation, it is best to create a wellness team made up of some employees, department heads, and HR that meet either weekly or 2x/month. This team discusses wellness interests, marketing the programs, best times for programs, and interest amount their staff.

Wellness Programming



  • How to Start Your Own Fitness Program
  • Incorporating Exercise into Your Life
  • Resistant Training Exercises


To improve your employee's wellness, wellness programs are recommended in four, six, and fifteen-week courses. To meet your company's needs we can modify or combine these sessions in a variety of ways. The following are examples of some of the courses offered.

For more information on what Landman & Associates, Inc. can provide for your company, please call us at 1-800-549-2549. We look forward to meeting your company's unique needs of health and wellness.

Alix B. Landman, RD, MPH, CDE
President Landman & Associates, Inc.