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August, 2016

Following my bout with Cancer (Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma), I returned to my passion, triathlons. I completed one sprint triathlon and two half-ironman distance triathlons. I found that I was struggling with energy and recovery during my training. I also found I was suffering from serious muscle cramps during my races. When I began training for Ironman Lake Placid I decided it was a good idea to visit Alix and determine where I stood from a nutritional perspective. After discussing my dietary intake, looking over blood and fecal work, Alix determined I was lacking in many areas. The nutritional exercise ended up being a two-prong approach. First, ensure my body would remain Cancer free by ensuring I had the proper nutrients and antioxidants. Secondly, make sure I had everything I needed to properly train and recover. With the recommendations made by Alix I have found my training recovery to be best it has ever been. I am now at the best athletic performance l have ever been. Lastly, I was able to complete Ironman Lake Placid feeling strong and just one year out from my last chemo treatment.

Thanks Alix!

Allen Rodriguez
Two time Ironman Finisher.
What is an Ironman?
2.4 Mile Swim
112 Mile Bike
26.2 Mile Run

March, 2016

I've struggled for years--maybe decades--with a constellation of symptoms that have gotten in the way of things I've wanted to do. I could usually get to work, but often would have to miss out on time with friends and family, travel, exercise. I had muscle and joint pain, fatigue, got sick often, gastro problems, migraines. I'm pretty adaptable but recently had a bout that I couldn't manage. I've worked with a combination of conventional docs and integrative practices for a long time with varying degrees of success.

I've been working with Alix for the last 3 months and am already seeing good progress. She is consistent, nonjudgmental, gentle in her approach and, above all, relies on diagnostics that get to the root of my issues while evolving a protocol that makes sense. Alix has a grasp of the science behind the problems and the treatments that I haven't experienced in all the years I've been treated by "good" practitioners. Really impressive.

Alix also spends significant time asking great questions and really listening. I suppose she knows that's part of an effective diagnostic process. By the way, almost all of my contact with Alix is by phone and email. Somehow, she makes this work too.

Highest recommendation if you're looking for a functional nutritionist that understands the science and medicine behind difficult symptoms and will stick with you through the hard road to recovery.

Karen B., 61

August, 2015

I came to Alix Landman because I had been diagnosing myself based on my symptoms and treating myself according to ideas I had learned from friends and the internet without much change. I was ready for a professional. Alix looked at the entire picture of my health and history and suggested inexpensive tests to gather more scientifically-based data. The result was a food plan and a few supplements that have cured my digestive ailments and improved my energy. She uncovered a critical enzyme deficiency which I brought to my gastroenterologist who had not identified this deficiency even with an endoscopy. He confirmed the deficiency and gave me a prescription for enzyme replacement. Alix gave me a simple food plan based on my preferences and lifestyle and even suggested recipes. The result is that I no longer have the digestive symptoms I had and truly have a sense of well-being. I do not crave sweets or processed foods and enjoy a wholesome diet that is easy to follow.

Alix Landman is a true professional with the credentials, the science, and years of experience to back it up. I have and will continue to recommend her to my friends.

Kathleen Kissell Davie, Florida

March, 2013

I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you've taught me since October. I feel amazing, the compliments from others are overwhelming, and I owe it all to you. You gave me the kick in the butt I needed. It's seriously changed my life. I had to tell you that I just ran my first 5K--without stopping once! That's amazing for me. Have a great weekend and hopefully you'll see less of me in April.

Gina Forcier

February 2012

Dear Alix,

My son J.R. and I would like to thank you for all your educational help regarding his Nutritional program.

When J.R. became Type1 Diabetic in September, 2010, at age fifteen, we were caught off guard as anyone would be. In going through the preparation at our Endocronologist office and the overnight hospital stay, with an A1C of 10, we were asked tons of questions about what he would normally eat and drink on a daily basis for a month by the Dietitian team. They were impressed with his overall health and his eating habits and really had very little we needed to change in Nutrition, even though he was a competitive high school swimmer and had workouts on a daily basis, if not two times per day for two hours each.

Something told me we could do better as a family on a Nutrition basis and that's when we found you.

You were so patient with us; educated us about no only the content of the various foods, but their impact on the body, the benefit to the body and how they interact with injecting insulin, especially before and after serious physical exercise like his competitive swimming at Boca High School.

In three short months, J.R. had his A1C back below 6 and has maintained that level now for fifteen months, much to the amazement of the Endocronologist Team. While we know the focus and attention J.R. pays to his daily regiment, we also know this would not have happened without you, your follow up and your teamwork. For this, we are extremely grateful.

Rex Sims
The Sims Family

Alix Landman is a professional who not only understands nutrition but extends her wisdom in a way that's understandable, usable and "edible". I've had personal discussions with her and had the the experiences of hearing her speak to groups who were struggling with weight issues, food choices and challenged by disease. Her demeanor and grace are matched by her knowledge and professionalism.

Roni Leiderman, Ph.D.
Dean - Mailman Segal Institute for Early Childhood Studies
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

One of the most important bits of information I learned from Alix is that your vitamins and nutrients come from the food you eat. When you learn to incorporate good foods in your diet and avoid empty calories, you begin to feel better. You energize your mind, body and soul. Alix practices what she preaches and you see that it works. Learning what to eat and how to prepare it is the key. And good food can be delicious! You just have to learn what foods to buy and how to prepare them. Alix has changed my attitude about food and taking care of myself so I live a healthier, happier life.

Shellie Tuff
Springfield, PA

Alix helped me with my problems of overweight and iron deficiency in a way I could appreciate and enjoy. I like her up-to-date, balanced and realistic approach to nutrition.

Amy Greenblatt

I represent Gilda's Club of South Florida in saying Alix has come to Gilda's Club for years to show and instruct members living with cancer and their families how to care for themselves nutritionally. This has provided life changing improvement to their lives.

Sincerely, Mary Burch
Program Assistant/Receptionist

Our patients have benefited tremendously from Ms. Landman's nutritional guidance. I have found that they are more compliant with the post operative diet because they have a better understanding of nutrition.

Dr. Pelaez
Surgeon, Miami, FL

Getting pregnant only 4 months after my gastric bypass surgery was a very delicate situation that concerned me and all my doctors due to the potential for complications for both me and the baby. Your knowledge and experience were key in the good progress of my pregnancy, and thanks to your guidance I was able to manage my diet in this special situation. I had a healthy 7lbs. 13 oz. baby girl and we are both doing wonderful. It was good to have you on "my team".

Midalys Fernandez

I have been on and off "diets" my entire life. Working with Alix, I have learned how to eat real foods and lose weight without "dieting". I am confident that I will be able to use these newly learned eating behaviors to maintain a healthy weight.

Elyse Anchell- Project Manager, Adaptive Workforce
IBM Global Services

Thanks to Alix and her knowledge about nutrition I have been able to build stronger muscles. I have more energy on the golf course. Life seems a lot easier after taking on the diet that Alix recommended, I have a bigger appetite for life (excuse the pun ).

Duncan Smith
Golf Professional
Plantation, Florida

When I was led to Alix Landman's office over four years ago, I was resigned to start a rigid, "cookie-cutter" type of diet prescribed by a "one-size fits all" type of nutritionist (no puns intended) in hopes that I could "get thin once and for all" and end my lifelong cycle of self-destructive behaviors associated with an eating disorder. What I found instead was a brilliant woman who asked quality questions, listened intently, analyzed and synthesized information, and with great sensitivity, integrity, and professionalism, made the recommendations that were best for me. Thus began my journey of learning about true health and transformation and I am extremely grateful for her ongoing help. Whatever a person's dietary needs may be, I believe Alix Landman is able to implement her researched and experienced background to assist in a way that will lead to restored health.

Caren Honigfeld
Fort Lauderdale, Florida