Books – Listed In Importance of Reading

  • Biomarkers William Evans, PhD., Irwin H. Rosenberg, M.D.- The 10 keys to prolonging vitality
  • Cholesterol Countdown, Janet Brill-Bond
  • The Arthritis Cure by Dr. Jason Theodosakis, MD Updated 2004
  • The Way to Eat by Dr. David Katz MD, MPH & Maura Gonzalez MS, RD 2002
  • Food Politics by Marion Nestle Ph.D, MPH 2002
  • Sweet Deception- Dr. Joseph Mercola- A complete discussion on artificial sweeteners
  • Sports Nutrition Guidebook by Nancy Clark MS,RD 3`d Edition 1996
  • The Thyroid Solution by Dr. Ridha Arem 1999