I wanted to be proactive to curtail an early health issue so I decided to see if a new diet/nutrition plan would benefit me as I am adverse to medications whenever possible. Alix Landman took much time with me to find out all my information and why I was there. Her assessment and discussion of my concerns led me to a revised nutrition program, and an altered vitamin plan that really made a difference in how I feel. I sleep more soundly, feel better and my weight is at a steady level. She presents the facts and is exceptionally knowledgeable about foods and supplements. This is something I should have done sooner and because of her expertise I highly recommend her services.

Bev Faulstich

Alix is a very professional and knowledgeable individual that helped me out a great deal and taught lifelong lessons. She provides an array of services that many healthcare providers do not even know about. Highly recommend.

Richard Voskoboynikov

Dr Alix was very down to earth and non judgemental. She listens and she explains everything she is saying to you so your can understand. When you leave her office you feel like you can accomplish anything. After I had a stroke and my doctor recommended her from my first visit I felt like I could do anything. I told her I was dragging after I leave work and could not do my school work and she gave me some vitamins and a meal plan tailored to my schedule and she said that if I do as she said I will have my energy back within 1 week and I would be able to do my school work and she was right. She is great and I look forward to my visits with her. Keep up the good work doc

Donna Dottin

Alix Landman’s experience and knowledge of the medical profession, medications, supplements and nutrition is remarkable. Alix has an honest and gentle way of revealing to you what outcomes can be expected given your disposition to nutrition and exercise. One would have to look long and hard to find someone more competent and caring when it comes to your health. She is helping me change my culture to eat foods that are good for me, providing invaluable guidance for supplements that support my general health needs and coordinates with my physician to develop a medical support system second to none. As a type II diabetic, she is literally turning my life around.

Robert Hamberger

I’m sincerely grateful for the services I received when I walked into Landman & Associates. I was a morbidly obese, single mother with multiple medical issues which included a pacemaker implant to my brain for Epileptic seizures. With Alix Landman’s expertise and patience, I truly believe that she was able to assist me with my medical issues that were very perplexing to my doctors for years. She helped me understand the importance of changing simple eating habits, maintaining my nutritional limits, and proper vitamins intake would give me back my life after surviving 10 major surgeries. I enjoyed losing over 150 pounds without lots of stress, and my CPAP machine is gone. Earlier this year, I was shocked when my Optometrist informed me that even my vision has improved! Today, I can happily share that my experience in your offices has been very rewarding, and my teen daughter enjoys that I can keep up as we take long walks together! Thanks, Alix, for never giving up on me!

Maureen Brown-Brooks

I had heart issues, high BP, high cholesterol, and weighed 275. I met with Alix on the encouragement from family, and she put together a nutrition plan to lose weight the right way, the healthy way, and a plan that would address the other health issues as well. I started with her 6 months ago, and we met 5 times perhaps. We put together a diet and made adjustments as we went along. I lost 76 pounds in approximately 6 months, and had my cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar all well within desired ranges after 3 months. I will continue to use her nutrition guidelines to continue my good eating habits and good health. Thanks!

Eric Schneider

Alix has a no-nonsense way of explaining things, which was a little bit overwhelming at first. As we talked, however, I learned more and more and made the adjustments to my diet and nutrition that she recommended. I have really loved making these changes and I feel terrific. Alix is very responsive, answering emails quickly and providing support whenever needed. I have recommended several other people to her, and all were very satisfied.

Barbara Zucker

I have had two visits with Alix Landman because of many years of digestive issues. Both visits were lengthy and extremely informative. Lab tests were done after my initial visit and she suggested I follow both gluten and dairy free diets until my follow-up visit three weeks later. I noticed positive changes after the first two weeks. She also recommended several dietary supplements which I will take, and we will continue our contact to follow my progress. I found Alix to be extremely responsive to all issues and questions I had during our visits and afterward when I e-mailed her with other concerns. I’m sure that if I comply with her instructions, my problems will resolve themselves.

Helen Segel

Alix Landman gave me individualized solid advice, as well as innovative and easy ways to incorporate foods and supplements into my diet to achieve my goals. I am healthier, I feel better and I have more energy ~ Thanks

Dana P

If you thought you were going to a “normal” dietician, who doles out standard dietary advice….think again. Alix Landman will give you way more than you anticipated, with a knowledge base that expands well beyond that which we would consider traditional or mainstream. Alix, is indeed, a cutting edge dietician who embraces unconventional wisdom when addressing our health and nutritional concerns.


My visit with Alix Landman was very thorough, informative, and detailed. Alix listens very carefully to the reasons that have brought you to the office. Then she takes notes and prepares sheets during the visit to give you with her first set of plans for changing your health and diet. On the second visit, she had sheets when I arrived (which means she took her own time between visits to prepare info) with specific information as to what food groups I could choose from for all my meals. She also outlines nutritional supplements and other kinds of tests that could be discussed with your own doctor. Alix gave me hope that I could overcome the medical issues I had with diet and nutritional changes in my life. She detailed it so that it was not that difficult for me to go to the store and buy what I needed and get started on my new journey. To this day, I have sometimes had to write an e-mail to Alix and she is always willing to take her own time to respond and help you.

Linda Kliston

I am so glad I found Alix! This was my first experience with a nutritionist and I have learned so much. Alix is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and motivating. She genuinely listens to her clients, focuses on the issues or goals and gives specialized expert advice. I am learning to be intentional about my health and I am making better choices and feeling great!

Tyra Brown

I had never been to a nutritionist before meeting Alix Landman.I thought I knew it all. The experience was refreshing, informative and reassuring. It is always a plus when someone meets a professional who knows what they are talking about and can express it clearly to the layman. Ms. Landman explained what she was trying to do, showed me a path on how to get there and is following up with me as I go along the trail. I would recommend her to anyone who after years of bad eating habits,and obesity, wants to finally learn why and how to eat for a better life.

Judd Aronowitz


After having IBS problems for many, many years, seeing traditional doctors and getting worse rather than better, I went to see Alix Landman. After several lab tests, I was put on a gluten and dairy free diet, along with no sugar, no sugar substitutes except Stevia, no alcohol, no coffee and several supplements. I was having so many problems that one office visit I had set up with Alix had to be conducted by phone because I couldn’t leave my house. After adhering to this regimen for only four-and-a-half months I can honestly say I am healthier today than I have been in more than 20 years. I no longer have to cancel appointments at the last minute, miss meetings and dates, and spend more time in a hotel room than sightseeing when on vacation (when I had the courage to plan a vacation). I can now leave my house with confidence and not give it a thought. And, I have slowly begun to reintroduce dairy into my diet with no problem. Alix is extremely knowledgeable and, if you have a particular medical problem she will work with you to make sure there will not be complications with either the foods she recommends or the supplements she suggests you take. If you have been trying everything you can to feel better and have not succeeded either on your own or with the help of the established medical community, I highly recommend that you give Alix a call. You have nothing to lose and a wonderful, healthy life to gain.

Leonor Sucre